CHT RCBO TypeA 6KA 1P+1N 25A

DGB1LE-40 is a range of MCB sized RCBOs,apply to circuit of AC50/60Hz, rated voltage to 230V, and current up to 40A,bring higher levels of safety to an electrical installation and its users because they include switched neutral as standard, which will guarantee that healthy circuits remain in service and that only a faulty circuit is switched off and bring cost savings by reducing installation and testing times


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In stock (can be backordered)

Technical Specifications

• Standard: IEC61009-1

• Certifications: SAA, CE,CB,SEMKO

• Type(wave form of the earth leakage sensed): AC,A

• Number of poles (P): 1+N

• Rated current In (A): 6, 10, 16, 20, 25,32,40

• Rated frequency (Hz): 50/60

• Rated voltage Ue (VAC): 230

• Rated insulation voltage Ui (VAC): 500

• Rated residual current I△n (mA): 30,100, 300

• Rated breaking capacity IEC61009 ultimate Icn (kA): 6

• Rated breaking capacity IEC60947-2 ultimate IA m (kA): 10

• Rated residual breaking capacity I△m (kA): 6

• Rated impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50) Uimp(kV): 8

• Dielectric test voltage at ind.freq.for 1min.(kV): 2.5

• Surge current resistance(wave 8/20)(A): 3000

• Tripping characteristic: B,C:

Characteristic B(In): 3-5

Characteristic C(In): 5-10

• Electrical life(times): 4000

• Mechanical life(times): 100000

• Degree of protection: IP20, with connected conductors

• Mounting position: Any

• Conductor cross-sections:

Solid and stranded(mm2): 0.75-35

Finely stranded with end sleeve(mm2): 0.75-25

• Terminals:

Terminal tightenning torque(N.m): 2.8

Ampere (A)