Star8 Commercial Solar Floodlight 140D

The Commercial Solar Floodlight is our latest product in the commercial range. This versatile light can be mounted in 6 unique ways, providing a solution for many applications. This light outputs a powerful 3000 lumens to properly illuminate large areas and with a simple double click, the colour temperature can switch between 3,000K and 5,700K. With commercial-grade materials and anticorrosion technology, this light is the ultimate solution for any commercial premise.

All Star 8 solar lights maximise battery life and charge life because they incorporate Adaptive LightingVariable Frequency and Temperature Control patented technologies.

✓ Easy installation.

✓ 5-year product warranty (battery included).

✓ 7+ nights of continual lighting per charge.

✓ Super bright 3000-lumen light.

✓ PIR motion/proximity sensor.

✓ IP66 water and dust proof rating.

✓ Can switch between 3000K and 5700K colour temperatures.

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MODE 1: 30% brightness from dusk till dawn with PIR activated light.

MODE 2: 50% brightness from dusk till dawn.

MODE 3: 100% brightness for the first 5 hours then dims down to 20% brightness till dawn.

MODE 4: 100% brightness for the first 5 hours then dims down to 20% brightness with PIR activated light till dawn.

PIR = 100% brightness for 60 seconds.



Lumens output 3000 Lumens 
Solar panels Monocrystalline silicon 16.2V 18.5W
Battery Li-ion 10AH/14.8V/148WH
Solar charging time 9 hours (by direct sunlight)
Charge life 7+ nights
Material Aluminium Alloy + AntiCorrosion
IP rating IP66
IK rating IK10
Dimensions 15.9 × 35.7 × 24.5 cm
Weight 6.19 kg
LED colour temp 3,000K or 5,700K
PIR sensor range 8m


  • Building exteriors/perimeters
  • Golf courses
  • Gardens/trees
  • Signs
  • Pathways
  • Entrance/exit
  • Carpark
  • Private roads
  • Driveways



ALS: Adaptive Lighting System

Innovative patented technology that automatically adjusts lighting levels according to surrounding weather conditions without impacting passer-by visibility. ALS maximises battery efficiency and life of charge (redundancy).

VFT: Variable Frequency Technology

Special Technology managing LED output thereby maximising battery charge life.

TCS: Temperature Control System

Provides critical battery control system to protect the battery from overheating thus maximising battery life and output.


IP Rating